Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian Office Outfit

Please forgive me for shoving yet another Kim Kardashian read down your throat! :) I have to say, the girl can dress!

You may say that you would never wear a pink blazer, but this piece will liven up an otherwise boring ensemble. The trick here is to find a blazer that does NOT have shoulder pads, is single breasted, hits at the hips or longer, and 3/4 sleeves is a great bonus! This blazer (see below) is a perfect find from H&M! You can also pair this blazer with a summer dress for a pretty Spring outfit. Just make sure that your blazer is the only pastel color so not to look like you walked out of the movie '16 Candles'!

Kim Kardashian Office inspiration

Old Navy sleeveless top
$6.97 -

H m jacket
£15 -

Lna legging
$189 -

Old navy pants
$9.99 -

Old Navy platform sandals
$20 -

ASOS quilted handbag
$27 -


  1. I have dark brown hair and have the hardest time wearing light colors. I love love love how the black pants create a balance between the light pink in the jacket and her dark hair! So going to try that!

  2. you won the giveaway on my blog. email me: marigold road dot blog at gmail dot com! hooray!