Monday, December 5, 2011

Cropped Sweaters

You've probably gone to your favorite store lately and tried on some amazingly chunky knit beautiful sweater just to find that it's super short...did the mid drift come back and I wasn't aware? No, the minute belly buttons are popular again I'm officially done with my fashion love affair!

This look requires some layering which if your like me, you tend to invite with open arms! First lets start with the chunky sweater. These sweaters can be found anywhere, Old Navy, Buckle, JCPenny just to name a few. Find one in a neutral color (White, Black, or Gray). Then find a long boyfriend button up shirt that is sheer. This will add a feminine factor and also lighten the look. Anchor this with a pair of crop clacks, preferably with pleats which is elongating. Wedge heels will even out this look.

Just remember to have fun with your wardrobe and try a new look, you never now how great your body will look until you try!

Cropped Sweaters

Cropped Sweaters by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring platform heels

Daytrip cropped sweater
$30 -

Rag bone
£48 -

Fendi high waisted pants
$785 -

Steve Madden platform heels
$90 -

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Fashion, Low Budget

Black Friday is only one week away! Are you shopping for great deals or staying home to recover from your food hangover? I haven't decided yet, but I do love all the stores that are offering their Black Friday prices two days early to card OLD NAVY!

Go on over to to check out all the great deals! I'll be heading over to the sweaters for $15 and basics for only $5! At the website you can even make a list of all the deals you want to pick up so you don't miss out on anything! The only rule is that you HAVE to use your Old Navy card to get the deals early.

If you know of any fashion deals going on let me know and I will be sure to give you all the details so you can shop without feeling overwhelmed!

Big Fashion, Low Budget

Big Fashion, Low Budget by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring striped tops

Old Navy striped top
$49 -

Old Navy floor length skirt
$27 -

Old Navy lace up shoes
$33 -

Old Navy tote hand bag
$35 -

Old Navy Girls Thin Leather Belts
$4.99 -

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hair Dilemma!

Here's the deal, I have a hair dilemma! For the first time in my life I have no clue what I want to do with my hair! I've had hundreds of styles and colors, but now I can't come to a decision. So I need your help! ...please :D

Here's a few hair styles I've had over the years. Right now my hair is to the middle of my back and a blah brown color. I have natural curls...that I can't stand! If you have any suggestions let me know!

Modern Office Outfit

Tired of wearing the same old outfit to work every day? Switch it up! These pieces are very simple and when you combine them you create a modern and unique outfit!

I love that this outfit is #1. comfy and #2 leg lengthening! For your hair I would pull it up in a high bun and makeup should be minimal.

Modern Office Outfit

Modern Office Outfit by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring lace up oxford heels

Jane Norman high waisted shorts
£9.60 -

Cotton tight
£10 -

Old Navy lace up oxford heels
$31 -

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kim Kardashian Office Outfit

Please forgive me for shoving yet another Kim Kardashian read down your throat! :) I have to say, the girl can dress!

You may say that you would never wear a pink blazer, but this piece will liven up an otherwise boring ensemble. The trick here is to find a blazer that does NOT have shoulder pads, is single breasted, hits at the hips or longer, and 3/4 sleeves is a great bonus! This blazer (see below) is a perfect find from H&M! You can also pair this blazer with a summer dress for a pretty Spring outfit. Just make sure that your blazer is the only pastel color so not to look like you walked out of the movie '16 Candles'!

Kim Kardashian Office inspiration

Old Navy sleeveless top
$6.97 -

H m jacket
£15 -

Lna legging
$189 -

Old navy pants
$9.99 -

Old Navy platform sandals
$20 -

ASOS quilted handbag
$27 -

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Evening to Day Dress

When choosing formal dresses I try to stay in neutral colors so that I can wear it all year long. Believe it or not, but you can also wear these dresses during the day and at work!

The first look I have is definitely a formal one. I love mixing beige and gold together! You can add textured beige tights and wear this to Christmas parties.

Now take this same dress and add a button up white shirt over it. The red sweater lends color and texture. I recommend wearing beige flats to elongate your legs.

Have fun mixing unconventional pieces together for a unique and lovely outfit!

Two Way Dress

Two Way Dress by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring an oxford button down shirt

Tibi dress
£445 -

Sass Bide boat neck sweater
$430 -

Sambag ballet shoes
180 AUD -

Yves Saint Laurent platform shoes
€600 -

Chanel rhinestone necklace

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Fun!

Having color in your wardrobe is a must, but white, black and gray are classic! Building an outfit in these colors requires that you use the fashion formula so not to look drab.

If you remember the fashion formula is: Pattern + Texture + Color + Shine

Here our pattern is in the plaid button up shirt that will be worn under the gray sweater. The sweater and cap add texture to the outfit with a thick cable knit. The color can come from a clutch in your favorite color. The shine comes from the riding boots (which also lend texture). You can definitely play with this outfit by switching out the gray sweater with a colored one.

Fall Fun!

Fall Fun! by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring a slouch hat

J Crew sheer sweater
£45 -

Aubin Wills cotton shirt
£41 -

All Saints slouch hat
$50 -


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winterize Your Wardrobe

Winterizing your summer dresses is all a game of layering. I love the warmth and texture of sweater tights. You can find them in many colors and patterns. I suggest finding pair in the same color as the sweater or dress you're going to wear.

Also add closed toe heels, boots, or pumps. Oxford heels are very popular right now and come in a variety of colors. You can also add a belt to emphasize your waist under your thick sweater.

Winterize Your Wardrobe

Winterize Your Wardrobe by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring timberland shoes

Vince cable knit cardigan
$345 -

Cotton stocking
$24 -

Timberland shoes
$115 -