Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I DO!"

Today is the big day! Congrats to our Royal couple, William and Kate! Isn’t it great to see a good story on the news for once!

Some people are just made for each other. They finish each other’s sentences, they are best friends, and when they are apart it’s just not the same. I will be attending a wedding in two weeks for a couple that absolutely fits this description. Mike and Kate are the epitome of love and what marriage is all about. I am so excited to see them tying the knot! I wish them all the best and one piece of marriage advice…

To keep your marriage brimming,
with love in the wedding cup,
whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
whenever you’re right, shut up.
Ogden Nash, American poet (1902-1971)

Now on to the dress! With celebrity inspiration in mind I chose a maxi dress. The dress has an empire waist with fabric that flows away from the body…giving me an excuse to eat an extra piece of cake ;) Because the dress is lavish on its own I’m not going to wear a lot of jewelry and my hair will be worn down. I will though, be wearing a smokey eye with a nude lip. I will also be whitening my teeth with CREST whitestrips. I've got to have bright teeth to match my bright dress!

Beach Wedding

Today we’ve been invited to a beach wedding. Lucky you!

I’ve always wanted to attend a beach wedding! The beautiful sunset in the background, blue water, white sand, humidity bringing on the frizzy hair, wind kicking up sand in my eyes…wait a minute! It’s true, while beach weddings are beautiful they can be a hazard to beauty!

First tip I have for a beach wedding is wear a long dress! It’s going to be windy and the guests don’t want to see your undies. Also, pick a dress in a bright color. A blue or beige dress is just going to blend into the background. Consider travel friendly fabrics…I’m guessing this is a destination wedding and you will be storing your dress in a suitcase for a period of time.

Second tip I have is don’t worry about your hair…too much. I suggest putting your hair in a “messy” low bun accented with a flower pin. Take extra bobby pins and right before the reception go to a mirror and pin back the fly a ways and spray an anti humidity hair spray.

Third tip is to wear sun screen! Get a travel size tube to keep in your clutch and apply often. Don’t forget to apply to the tops of feet and earlobes. Choose a face moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or above. This is not the time to work on your tan! You’ll be sitting in the sun for an hour during a beach wedding so be prepared!

Pink dress
688 GBP -

Dyeables wedding sandal
$61 -

Crystal clutch
$23 -

Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Wedding

Today we’ve been invited to a Garden Wedding/Outdoors Wedding. These invites usually state that the wedding is taking place at a Resort. If you are uncertain, definitely ask the bride or groom.

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor wedding you know it is HOT! More often than not the sun is blaring and you are counting down the minutes until you can go inside again! One tip I have to avoid this situation is to bring sunglasses and a hand held fan. You’ll be the fashionable one whose NOT squinting in all the pictures and waving her program around like a fool…the bride will thank you! Another tip is to wear a thick heeled shoe or flats. If you wear stiletto heels they will stick in the ground.

This is the perfect event to wear a bright color…breaking RULE #3 NO BRIGHT COLORS. The ONLY rule with bright colors, is not to wear a satin fabric. You’ll look like an 80’s prom queen. Bright colored chiffon is very pretty especially when paired with a nude heel and an accessory in an opposite color (See “FASHION FORMULA blog”).

TopShop tie waist dress
$30 -

Black pump shoes
$49 -

Marc Jacobs flap handbag
620 GBP -

Sunglasses wayfarer shade
$14 -

Fan - Scented Sandelwood
$5.95 -

Holga 35mm Camera
$48 -

Hot Mess Slang 6oz Flask
$18 -

Evening Wedding

Today we've been invited to an evening wedding, a.k.a. "cocktail attire". Any wedding in which the reception takes place after 6 PM is considered "evening". There is usually a dinner and cocktails to follow.

This is my favorite wedding to dress for because you really get to doll up! I would suggest choosing an outfit that is comfortable. Dresses that have an empire waist that flow away from the body will achieve a thin waist line…even after you’ve eaten dinner and drank a few glasses of champagne!

Below I have selected a few items that I believe will give you a comfortable yet chic look. In addition, we have broken RULE #2 NO BLACK.

Black can be worn to a wedding when paired with fun accessories. You can’t wear ALL black…unless you’re the groom’s ex and you want to look like you’re going to a funeral! Pairing your dress with splashes of red usually does the trick. Taking a cue from Dita Von Teese, give your outfit a 50’s pin up feel. Pair peep-toe stilettos with large rhinestone earrings. Pin curl your hair and wear a red lip with a thick eye liner. Complete the look with red nails and you’re ready for a great night!

Layered dress
$50 -

Jessica Simpson platform shoes
$40 -

Royal Wedding Week!

Is it just me, or when you receive a wedding invitation the first thought in your head is..."What am I going to wear!?" And you have to run straight to the store because you know you're not going to wear anything in your closet! So now that you're at the mall shopping for the perfect outfit we all know it as girls that there's an unwritten code of what not to wear to weddings.

Rule #1 NO WHITE
Rule #2 NO BLACK

Well, what does that leave us to wear? In the next week we are going to break all the rules and I'm going to show you how to dress appropriately according to where the wedding is taking place. All of this and more leading to the Royal Wedding this Friday!

Today our wedding is taking place in a church. Before you head out to buy any clothing for the wedding you have to find out where it's taking place. This is important because you can narrow down dresses accordingly. A church wedding calls for a tea length dress that covers your chest. You can't go to a church wedding in a skin tight mini dress!

The outfit I chose breaks rule #1. You can definitely wear white to a wedding, if the white is in the accessory. Here I paired a strapless dress from Delias with a white blazer and blush colored heels. When you're going to a church wedding be sure to bring a pretty jacket that matches your dress. When you get cold you can warm up but still look great in the pictures. Pop a color in the dress with a clutch and don't forget to jazz up your'll be taking lots of pictures with it!

Strapless tube dress
$45 -

Boyfriend blazer
$44 -

Jessica Simpson star shoes
$59 -

Pearl jewelry
18 GBP -

$38 -

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian Outfits #5 and #6

Military Green looks great on EVERYONE! While a dull color on it's own, you can make it crisp by pairing it with white or sexy by pairing it with black.

Every Average Jane NEEDS a pair of white denim pants! Even if you don't think that white is a good color on you, definitely pick up a pair and try it on. Get a pair with at least a 32" hem and pair with heels or wedges to elongate the legs.

Every Average Jane NEEDS a pair of black casual pants! These are pants that you don't just wear to work. They can be paired with anything from a tee shirt to a blazer. I love this look because it's SO easy to put together and the green shirt is amazing on...I have this button up in a leopard print.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian Outfit #4

Comfort is key when choosing an outfit, and today is no exception! Putting the fashion formula in use (Color+Texture+Pattern+Shine)I created an outfit for any day of the week!

Sometimes being "sexy" is just too much for us Average Jane's. In situations that call for grocery shopping, taking kids to the park, or going to a friends house to play cards we need to look put together and interesting.

I love the color combination of the inspiration picture. I think this actually caught my eye more than the silhouette. If you see a picture in a magazine that you LOVE, but don't think you can pull off...change it up so it will work for you!

Kim Kardashian Outfit #3

Every Average Jane needs basics in her wardrobe. When you have basics in neutral colors it is very easy to put togethter outfits. You'll never have the dreaded "So many clothes, but nothing to wear!".

Kim is the master of putting basics together in a sexy and conventional way. Pair jeans and a tee shirt with cage heels and a pop of color in a jacket.

If heels arent for you, I've included in the second set a few pairs of shoes that will go with the outfit.

Kim Kardashian Outfit #3
Kim Kardashian Outfit #3 by Kim2 444 featuring a mandarin collar jacket

Casual outfit paired with heels

Tee Shirt: $30
Jacket: $30
Slouchy Jeans: $30
Heels MIA: $49
Double Handle Tote: $32
Scarf: $8 Forever 21

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfit #2

Today's outfit comes from the 13th annual Super Saturday designer garage sale. Kim and Kourtney were seen here (see below) wearing gorgeous yet comfy outfits.

I LOVE to dress up for any occasion, but I HAVE to be comfortable! Drape fabrics in a lightweight cotton will do the trick. Pieces made with cotton usually are cheaper as well.

While I didn't use the same color combination, I did use a similar silhouette. The belt shows off the smallest part of your waist and the peep toe heels will elongate your legs.

If you're a fan of Kim Kardashian you probably know that she has her own line of jewelry that is extremely affordable! It's called Belle Noel and you can find it at

Kim Kardashian drape skirt
Kim Kardashian drape skirt by Kim2 444 featuring leopard heels

Low cost version of Kim Kardashian outfit

Sleeveless cowl-neck top: $16
Steve Madden skirt: $31
DEZENZO leopard heels: $60
Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian ring: $39
MNG Sunglasses: $36
Kimchi Belt: $29

By the way, if you want a direct link to the peices in any of my sets, please clink on the picture. It will take you directly to my Polyvore profile and the links will be listed to the right of the set.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kim Kardashian Inspired outfit!

I love Kim Kardashian's yet obtainable for the Average Jane. Today I got inspiration from Kim and took an otherwise boring outfit and jazzed it up with black pumps and a wide brimmed hat. This outfit incorporates 70's bohemian with modern elements.

I also love this this outfit because the pieces are so basic that you can find them at any store for any price!

Old Navy Peasant Top : $30
American Eagle Jeans : $20
Steve Madden Pumps: $90
Handbag: $17
Belt: $40
Hat: $17

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain, rain, go I can have a good hair day!

Ugghhh, Rain. It's been raining for two days and getting colder by the minute. Why does Indiana tease me every Spring with a week of blissful warmth and sun...only to be snuffed out with cold rain. How are we supposed to build a wardrobe from the bipolar seasonal confusion? With layering peices!

I don't know about you, but I stop wearing my winter coat in March. Maybe I'm lying to myself about Summer still being 3 months away...but I am just SO over winter! Ponchos, blazers, and cardigans are my new best friends. These peices will be front and center in your wardrobe all year long.

Here I've put together a great outfit for a day like today...yucky! Skinny jeans tucked into a pair of moto-boots will prevent your jeans from being ruined by the mud and your legs from getting wet. The poncho addds a snuggie quality that will give you your warmth. Layer the poncho over a 3/4 length sleeve white tee. Add an umbrella with a cute pattern and some bright bracelets to liven up a dark outfit.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration

Celebrities have it made in the shade don't they!!? Designers often send them clothes for free so the paparazzi will catch the celeb in it, and publish the designers name linked to the outfit. Wouldn't that be amazing!?

That's NEVER gonna happen for me, so I have to replicate these gorgeous outfits with a budget in mind. Most of the time it's very easy. Department stores recreate designer pieces for less. Target even collaborates with high end designers just for this be on the lookout for any clothing line launches.

Today my celeb inspiration comes from Katie Holmes. Her mommy on the go look is spot on! She always looks polished and put together. As a mom, it's hard to actually BE polished and put together...but we can fake it right!?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashion Formula

When choosing an outfit, keep in mind that there are several components that create the perfect outfit. If you're saying to yourself.."What the heck is she talking about?" you're going to have to revert back to Freshman Algebra. Can you believe it!? There was a reason to stay awake in math class...and here it is:

Color + Texture + Pattern + Shine = A Fabulous Outfit

COLOR When choosing pieces of clothing, make sure the colors match...well duh! But how do you know what colors really match? Well, since we're already in Freshman math let's revisit Freshman Art. The color wheel is something you need to ingrain into your pretty little head :)


So, here's the trick to choosing the perfect colors...Opposites Attract! Always choose colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel OR stay in the same color shade.

TEXTURE You can achieve this by choosing a fabric like denim, silk, wool, or leather. This breaks up the outfit and prevents you from looking too matchy.

PATTERN Pattern helps to make your outfit visually appealing. I don't go by the rule, if your big, stick to big prints...if your small, stick to small prints. No one should be wearing head to toe print anyway!! Find a print you like and incorporate it into any outfit...just make sure the colors match :)

SHINE Shine comes from jewelry, and jewelry completes the outfit. We'll talk about the rules of jewelry in a later blog...for now have fun with it!

So here's a great example of using the fashion formula! Orange and Blue are on opposite ends of the color wheel, Denim adds texture (as do the espadrilles), Pattern on the dress adds visual appeal, and shine comes from the gold jewelry.

Fashion Formula Fashion Formula by Kim2 444 featuring marc by marc jacobs watches

Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$8 Cropped Cardigans this Saturday ONLY!! (4/16)

Who doesn't LOVE a great deal? Old Navy has the best! And this Saturday you need to stock up on cropped cardi's for this Summer! I have cardigans in every color under the sun because they can add that pop of color your little sundress needs! They are also great for any time you need to cover your shoulders and arms, example: church, dinner with family, meeting the boyfriends parents for the first time, etc.

Definitely get a cardi in beige, white, black, and gray...if your budget can take it, get one in a couple colors you love. Here's what I plan on getting at Old Navy this Saturday:

Old Navy flower print dress
$35 -

Old navy dress
$15 -

Old Navy solid color dress
$15 -

Old Navy bolero top
$20 -

Old navy cardigan
$20 -

Old Navy crop top
$17 -

GAP snake shoes
$35 -

Old Navy strap shoes
$5 -

Black jewelry
2.590 EUR -

Red Herring chain jewelry
10 GBP -


Outfit #1 Don't be afraid to mix cropped cardi's with long maxi dresses. The look really balances out and is very popular this summer

Outfit #2 A white sundress is a must for summer! You can wear this so many ways...I love to mix and match colors in the accessories. White espadrilles add whimsy.

Outfit #3 Keeping in one color palate, add different hues in each piece. With this outfit I matched varying shades of blue to flatter any skin tone.