Friday, March 9, 2012

And I Give You, The Cold Shoulder

One trend that is coming to a store near you, is the "Cold Shoulder" shirt. I mean, who doesn't have sexy shoulders? This look is great if you don't want to show your upper arms, but at the same time want to show a little extra skin.

You'll see this trend in dresses, shirts, and tunics. With tunics, I suggest layering with a tube top. I found that this trend tends to be drapey, so much so that you will be able to see your bra in the arm holes. If you don't want to wear the scarf around your neck, try wrapping it around your hair! Check out to find some inspiration.

And I Give You, The Cold Shoulder

Forever 21 top
$23 -

BKE tube top
$14 -

Forever 21 cotton capri legging
$4.80 -

Gladiator shoes
$24 -

Wet Seal bangles jewelry
$13 -

Forever 21 zebra print scarve
$8.80 -

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to wear neon colors

When I hear the word neon, two things come to mind. A really crappy car and a really bad 80's rock band. But you CAN wear neon colors without having to be on "In Living Color"!

Find a dress that is otherwise girly but has bright colors in it. Then pair accessories in that color! It's that easy! The motorcycle jacket adds texture and helps squash that "I'm going to church and I'm wearing a flower dress" feel.

All pieces can be found at H&M and Forever 21...all under $50!

How to wear neon colors

H M flare dress
£15 -

H M zip jacket
£30 -

H&M flat heels
£7.99 -

Forever 21 clutch hand bag
$17 -

H M longs jewelry
£3.99 -

Forever 21 woven belt
$4.80 -

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Make-up Routine

I have been obsessed with make-up since the first Christmas my mom bought it for me. I can still remember standing in front of the mirror hanging on every peice of advice my mom gave me! For years I was able to use the same make up (Mary Kay) until recently when my skin did a 180 and decided to become oily. I have had a lot of people ask me what make-up I use, and I can't believe I haven't done a blog post on this already!

So, obviously, I have oily skin. I am a believer that your foundation comes from taking care of your "canvas" and having an even toned face. I use two different kinds of face wash so that my skin doesn't become immune to the formula. The wash is #1. Mary Kay TimeWise for oily skin and #2. Garnier "The Brusher" Microbead Cleanser. I also use Clinique Eye make-up Remover. Then I use a Day Solution or Night Solution (Both from Mary Kay) and Biore Moisture Lotion with SPF 15. And because I am closer to 40 than 15, *tear*, I use Firming Eye Cream (Mary Kay) and All About Eyes (Clinique). When I have a blemish I use Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel.

Once a week I will use a Microderm Abrasion Treatment (Mary Kay), Biore Nose Pore Strips, and a face mask from FreeMan Beauty (the $1.50 masks that you can find at Wal Mart).

Finally we can move on to make up! So I have never liked a primer until I used this particular one. Victoria's Secret (VS Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer). It's oil free, fills in pores and evens out lines and wrinkles for an even application of foundation. Then I use a yellow based concealer. MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25). This concealer is creamy and luxurious! I absolutely love it! I apply this to my under eye area, nostrils, center of nose, and chin. Now I use a foundation to even out redness. Clinique makes a foundation with salicylic acid built right in. This will help fight off acne through out the day. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Make up (03). For my bronzer/contour shade I use Bare Minerals in Warmth. I love this shade because it has no shimmer in it. When you contour you can't use shimmer because it will defeat the purpose. Then I use a blush in Victoria's Secret luminous mineral blush duo (Surrender). Pop the pink on the apples of cheeks and the shimmery shade on the cheekbones, center of nose, and above the eyebrows. By the way I use a make up brush from Wal Mart :)

Make up Routine

Clinique makeup
$26 -

Makeup brush

Victoria s Secret blush
$15 -

MAC Cosmetics face makeup
$17 -

Victoria s Secret makeup primer
$18 -

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Printed Skinny Jeans

This look may be adventurous for some, but I could totally see myself wearing this outfit! It can go overboard quickly, so with just a few rules we can take this look from 80's to modern.

When finding the perfect pair of printed pants there are a couple things to look for. #1, they need to be skinny. And #2, make sure the print is bright greens and pinks (hello Molly Ringwald!). Everyone should try on a skinny jean, you'll be surprised at how great they look on you! I love the snow leopard print! I think in my previous life I was an Italian 16 year old from Long Island...I can't get over prints, mini's, and neon colors LOL! You definately want to pair these printed pants with nuetrals, but I love a pop of color. The pink in the tank top will peek through the open knit sweater. The cardigan will come off in the warmer months ahead and you can switch out the booties for strappy wedges.

Play around with fashion and choose a look that you would never see yourself wearing! When you walk into your closet you should feel happy and excited to get dressed! This is a great time to choose color, prints, and beautiful fabrics.

Snow Leopard

Old Navy scoop neck top
$20 -

DKNY draped top
$795 -

Splendid top
$21 -

Leopard print jeans
$20 -

Dolce Vita platform boots
$108 -

ASOS clutch bag
$21 -