Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Outfit

This is the best shopping weekend of the year! I've already been getting several emails from stores that are offering 40% in stores and online! Here is a list so far:

American Eagle

The discount is even good on clearance items so don't forget to check out those racks in the back!
Below is an outfit that I think is perfect for shopping. The dress is great for taking off easily and not disrupting your ponytail while trying on clothes. Always bring a jacket just in case you and your shopping partner decide to go out to lunch in a chilly restaurant. Of course flats are a no brainer! The large tote is perfect for keeping all your purchases in one place and not having to wrestle with bags while your going through racks of clothes.

Happy Labor day everyone! Enjoy your three day weekend!

Labor Day Outfit

Labor Day Outfit by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring a denim jacket

Dot dress
$40 -

Rag Bone denim jacket
£147 -

M Z Wallace canvas handbag
$175 -

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