Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lace Shirt Options

Feminine details can make a pair of jeans sophisticated and beautiful! Neutral colored lace shirts have just enough texture without going overboard.

I've given you two options depending on your sleeve preference. The outfit on the left has a long sleeved button up lace shirt. This is a great piece if you plan on taking this look to the office. You could dress it up even more by adding a high waisted pencil skirt. The next outfit is geared more toward weekend shopping or going out to lunch with a friend. Both outfits have a 70's inspired look by adding the flare jeans and wedge boots.

Lace Shirt Options

Lace Shirt Options by kimberly-theaveragejane featuring summer tees

Long sleeve blouse
$290 -

Reiss summer tee
£65 -

Acne bootie boots
€387 -

Lanvin link jewelry
£320 -

Mixit bangles jewelry
$7.20 -

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