Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paris Inspiration

I love taking inspiration from people I see on the street. This particular outfit was on a girl I saw grocery shopping. Getting dressed up for normal daily activities helps them seem less mundane and a little more fun!

I love how the colors and prints bring me to a Parisian sort of mind set. You can take this outfit straight from work to dinner without hesitation. When looking at the dress you notice that the lines are not horizontal or vertical, they are curved so not to give extra width. Having a trench coat in your closet is essential! This one item can be used all year long and can take any outfit from boring to classic. I never thought of these oxford shoes as being cute or feminine, but paired with these items it's a no brainer! They can be very comfy compared to heels when walking around the stores.

Paris Inspiration

H M stripe dress
£13 -

H M cable tight
£9.99 -

H M wingtip oxford
£25 -

H M beret hat
£3.99 -

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