Friday, July 15, 2011

From Work to Play

Incorporating your work wardrobe into your play wardrobe is not only smart, but money conscious too!

Instead of the usual slacks and button down, try a new look with a swingy skirt and matching boyfriend cardigan. Low heeled, closed toe shoes are impossible to find these days! I found these at Urban Outfitters (online, link below) and they're cheap too! Great for an office setting.

When you punch the time clock take your cardigan off and switch with a long necklace. Trade out the close toed heels for cage sandals and your ready for whatever the evening has in store :)

From Work to Play

From Work to Play by Kim2 444 featuring black tank tops

Crumpet long sleeve top
$450 -

Oasis black tank top
£8 -

Button front skirt
$24 -

High heel shoes
$38 -

Urban outfitters shoes
$30 -

Dorothy Perkins buckle belt
£4 -

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