Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wish List 7-16-2011

First of all...I have no idea why the picture is so small, I apologize in advance. Everyone put on your cute reading glasses! ;)

I recently went to the mall and saw all the new Fall clothes and I am SO excited! This Fall is all about girly comfort. Big boyfriend cardigans, loose knit sweaters (for layering over summer dresses), long maxi skirts, and chunky wedges. With this being said I can't help but try to incorporate my new purchases with the Fall pieces that are coming. Here's a tip for clearance shopping this season...Don't take the tags off until you are walking out the door! Every 30 days I reassess my closet. Any clothes with tags still attached go back to the store!

1. Sheer safari shirt (I found this at Express for $40)
*This piece is a great layering item and looks great belted at the waist or tucked into a pencil skirt
2. White flowy tank
*This tank looks great with loose shorts. For the fall I plan on pairing it with maxi skirts and a chunky cardigan
3. Red A Line Skirt
*Red and pink are a very popular pairing right now. In the fall I am going to pair this skirt with a denim shirt tied at the waist and wedges
4. Swing Skirt in neutral print
*This skirt will take you far in the Fall. I am going to pair it with a long loose knit sweater, black tights, and black wedges.
5. Urban Outfitters Suede Heels
*These heels come in a rainbow of colors with a heel height of only 3 inches! For $40 get a pair in black, beige, and red
6. Skinny belt
*The wide belt is slowly going out of style *tear* so now I have to replace mine with skinnies.

Wish List 7-16-2011

Wish List 7-16-2011 by Kim2 444 featuring cotton skirts

H M top
£20 -

Cotton skirt
$45 -

Button front skirt
$24 -

Urban outfitters shoes
$30 -

Forever21 metal belt
$6.80 -

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