Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wish List 7-9-11

While flipping through fashion inspiration this week I came upon many styles that I never would've picked out for myself. As I am getting older I am discovering my personal fondness for easy, pretty pieces instead of the sexy, teeny-bopper styles I have been choosing. My wish list has been getting extensive because now that I know my "style" I want to switch out all the clothes I have now for the one's I want :)

Now if only I can find that damn money tree...

1. Long denim vest to layer over dresses and to add texture to outfits
2. Flowy maxi skirt (preferably pleated)
3. White skinny jeans that can be folded up to showcase flats
4 Fedora with black accents
5 Pretty black flats to replace my flip flops
6 Moccasins

Wish List 7-9-11

Wish List 7-9-11 by Kim2 444 featuring a vintage denim vest

All Saints vintage denim vest
$130 -

True Religion low rise jeans
$260 -

Maxi skirt
$37 -

Minnetonka flat shoes
$45 -

Flat sandals
$35 -

Wet seal
$11 -

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