Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sheer Work Shirt

Making the most of your closet is definately the mission statement of my blog. I love using peices in a new unconventional way.

This Fall you'll notice clothing is light, sheer, and drapey. This is great for layering! The must have peice is a sheer white 3/4 sleeve work shirt. Seen below I've layered this peice with brown flare slacks, purple boyfriend cardigan, leopard heels, and a long gold necklace. For the weekends you can take this shirt and wear it over a romper for a laid back look.

Sheer Work Shirt

Sheer Work Shirt by Kim2 444 featuring wide leg pants

Hobbs cardigan
£89 -

Calvin klein
$20 -

Oasis wide leg pants
£10 -

Flat sandals
$35 -

Wet Seal peep toe heels
$15 -

Forever21 layered necklace
$6.80 -

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