Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashion Formula

When choosing an outfit, keep in mind that there are several components that create the perfect outfit. If you're saying to yourself.."What the heck is she talking about?" you're going to have to revert back to Freshman Algebra. Can you believe it!? There was a reason to stay awake in math class...and here it is:

Color + Texture + Pattern + Shine = A Fabulous Outfit

COLOR When choosing pieces of clothing, make sure the colors match...well duh! But how do you know what colors really match? Well, since we're already in Freshman math let's revisit Freshman Art. The color wheel is something you need to ingrain into your pretty little head :)


So, here's the trick to choosing the perfect colors...Opposites Attract! Always choose colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel OR stay in the same color shade.

TEXTURE You can achieve this by choosing a fabric like denim, silk, wool, or leather. This breaks up the outfit and prevents you from looking too matchy.

PATTERN Pattern helps to make your outfit visually appealing. I don't go by the rule, if your big, stick to big prints...if your small, stick to small prints. No one should be wearing head to toe print anyway!! Find a print you like and incorporate it into any outfit...just make sure the colors match :)

SHINE Shine comes from jewelry, and jewelry completes the outfit. We'll talk about the rules of jewelry in a later blog...for now have fun with it!

So here's a great example of using the fashion formula! Orange and Blue are on opposite ends of the color wheel, Denim adds texture (as do the espadrilles), Pattern on the dress adds visual appeal, and shine comes from the gold jewelry.

Fashion Formula Fashion Formula by Kim2 444 featuring marc by marc jacobs watches

Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine

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