Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Wedding

Today we’ve been invited to a Garden Wedding/Outdoors Wedding. These invites usually state that the wedding is taking place at a Resort. If you are uncertain, definitely ask the bride or groom.

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor wedding you know it is HOT! More often than not the sun is blaring and you are counting down the minutes until you can go inside again! One tip I have to avoid this situation is to bring sunglasses and a hand held fan. You’ll be the fashionable one whose NOT squinting in all the pictures and waving her program around like a fool…the bride will thank you! Another tip is to wear a thick heeled shoe or flats. If you wear stiletto heels they will stick in the ground.

This is the perfect event to wear a bright color…breaking RULE #3 NO BRIGHT COLORS. The ONLY rule with bright colors, is not to wear a satin fabric. You’ll look like an 80’s prom queen. Bright colored chiffon is very pretty especially when paired with a nude heel and an accessory in an opposite color (See “FASHION FORMULA blog”).

TopShop tie waist dress
$30 -

Black pump shoes
$49 -

Marc Jacobs flap handbag
620 GBP -

Sunglasses wayfarer shade
$14 -

Fan - Scented Sandelwood
$5.95 -

Holga 35mm Camera
$48 -

Hot Mess Slang 6oz Flask
$18 -

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