Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kim Kardashian Outfit #3

Every Average Jane needs basics in her wardrobe. When you have basics in neutral colors it is very easy to put togethter outfits. You'll never have the dreaded "So many clothes, but nothing to wear!".

Kim is the master of putting basics together in a sexy and conventional way. Pair jeans and a tee shirt with cage heels and a pop of color in a jacket.

If heels arent for you, I've included in the second set a few pairs of shoes that will go with the outfit.

Kim Kardashian Outfit #3
Kim Kardashian Outfit #3 by Kim2 444 featuring a mandarin collar jacket

Casual outfit paired with heels

Tee Shirt: $30
Jacket: $30
Slouchy Jeans: $30
Heels MIA: $49
Double Handle Tote: $32
Scarf: $8 Forever 21

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