Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a strange power there is in clothing. ~Isaac Bashevis Singer

Looking in your closet in the morning as you're getting ready for work can be a little overwhelming. Throwing the clothes on and off in a tornado of time constraint. Rushing to find the matching pumps in a sea of heels. Running to the car with seconds left on the clock only to look in the rear view mirror to realize that you forgot to put make-up on! AHHH! Let's solve the morning fashion dilemma shall we? :)

First things first...pick your outfit the night before. This way you can focus on hair and make up in the morning. Dressing for work really depends on where you work! Office, Bank, School...either way you look at it, your uniform should represent you. I call this power dressing. Even if you're only going to be sitting behind a desk all day, you need to dress for success! What makes you feel powerful? A suit? A dress? A killer pair of heels? Whatever it is. buy it in every color! As I showed you before, find a style and switch up material, colors, and patterns.

When buying work clothes consider what feels comfortable. If you're a teacher last thing you want to wear is a dress suit and high heels. Can you move around and sit for hours with out the fabrics wrinkling? Do you need professional peices for meetings with clients? Is your office always freezing? These are questions you NEED to answer before buying anything! And don't forget to save the receipts for your clothes if you are going to write them off on taxes :)

Now that you have chosen your work outfit you need to plan for unexpected invites. When the girls text and say they want to go out for drinks last thing you want to have to do is go ALL the way home to change. Really all you need to do is bring a great pair of skinny jeans to make the outfit a little more casual. Also bring a clutch (keep it in your work purse) so you don't have to carry your big laptop bag into a resturant.

Work at a bank...

Work at a school...

Liberty London red top
65 GBP -

White House Black Market flare pants
$88 -

White House Black Market espadrilles wedge
$88 -

Green handbag
$2,595 -

White House Black Market earring
$24 -

Gap Havana print top
$23 -

With this teacher outfit I would belt the cardigan at the waist. When going out afterwards take the belt and cardigan off and show some skin! :)

Work in a doctor office (Doctor or Psychiatrist)

Tinley Road ruffle neck blouse
$44 -

Planet black pencil skirt
89 GBP -

Jimmy Choo leather shoulder bag
$1,495 -

Leopard print wallet
$30 -

Marc by marc jacobs watch
$175 -

Kenneth jay lane earring
$50 -

I love to pair nude with a pop of color. I think wearing bright colors in an office will lighten everyone's day :)

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