Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding Week!

Is it just me, or when you receive a wedding invitation the first thought in your head is..."What am I going to wear!?" And you have to run straight to the store because you know you're not going to wear anything in your closet! So now that you're at the mall shopping for the perfect outfit we all know it as girls that there's an unwritten code of what not to wear to weddings.

Rule #1 NO WHITE
Rule #2 NO BLACK

Well, what does that leave us to wear? In the next week we are going to break all the rules and I'm going to show you how to dress appropriately according to where the wedding is taking place. All of this and more leading to the Royal Wedding this Friday!

Today our wedding is taking place in a church. Before you head out to buy any clothing for the wedding you have to find out where it's taking place. This is important because you can narrow down dresses accordingly. A church wedding calls for a tea length dress that covers your chest. You can't go to a church wedding in a skin tight mini dress!

The outfit I chose breaks rule #1. You can definitely wear white to a wedding, if the white is in the accessory. Here I paired a strapless dress from Delias with a white blazer and blush colored heels. When you're going to a church wedding be sure to bring a pretty jacket that matches your dress. When you get cold you can warm up but still look great in the pictures. Pop a color in the dress with a clutch and don't forget to jazz up your'll be taking lots of pictures with it!

Strapless tube dress
$45 -

Boyfriend blazer
$44 -

Jessica Simpson star shoes
$59 -

Pearl jewelry
18 GBP -

$38 -

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