Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Maxi Dress

The newest trend that has me jumping for joy is the Maxi Dress! When wearing a long dress don’t you just feel regal? You float instead of walk, sit a little straighter, and hold your head higher. Not only this, but wearing one beautiful piece of clothing makes it so easy to get dressed! This one item can be worn in so many ways, so this makes it a great piece to add to your “collection”

The Maxi-Dress was widely popular in the 70’s, being made mostly of polyester and above ankle length. Now days this fashion trend is usually made of cotton and heel length. It is very flattering on all body types. Styles that define the waist are most becoming.

I suggest getting a Maxi Dress in black then choosing a fun print. I’ve paired cardigans in matching colors to the dresses below for casual looks. Also consider pairing a black Maxi Dress with a sleek blazer and ballet flats for a formal occasion.

Strapless maxi dress
$50 -

Old Navy empire waist dress
$30 -

TopShop maxi dress
$56 -

Floral maxi dress
$60 -

Red cardigan
28 GBP -

Red Herring cotton cardigan
18 GBP -

Old Navy silver metallic shoes
$5 -

Qupid red wedge sandal
$35 -

$30 -

Heeled sandal
$25 -

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