Wednesday, May 18, 2011

school event

In the event that you’ve been invited to a school function or child’s birthday party you should have fun with your look! You’re outfit should have bright colors and be exciting! Keep in mind though that sticky icing fingers, markers, and water balloons may be in the mix so don’t wear your favorite Mark Jacob’s bag and Chanel dress.

Flats are a must at these events and dress comfortably. Chasing kids around in tight constricting clothes is just asking for an anxiety attack! While dressing your kids up is usually the priority here, you should look and feel beautiful too! The pictures taken at this party are going to last a life time so look your best and have fun!

I’ve paired bright colors with fun jewelry for a pretty and fun look.

Dorothy Perkins cotton tee
5 GBP -

Red Herring white skirt
25 GBP -

House of Harlow 1960 vintage ring
30 GBP -

Carolee gold drop earring
30 GBP -

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