Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rent the Runway

Surfing the web can be fun when shopping for clothes! So much so that you can lose track of time! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the luxury of going to the mall and browsing. I usually have my 3 year old son with me and we’re running through the mall so he doesn’t see the “mommy trap” of coin operated cars and trains. And why don’t stores have toddler friendly dressing rooms!!? Do we really need the open space under the door so my son can escape and I have to chase him half dressed? I think not!

So I would much rather buy clothes online and return them I need be. This week I’m going to let you in on my website secrets…shopping online CAN be cheaper than shopping in the stores! So you’re going to want to keep coming back this week so you can be in the know too!

The first website that I love is www.renttherunway.com. Rent the Runway is a website where you can rent designer dresses and jewelry for a fraction of the retail price. If you are going to a reunion, wedding, company party, or prom you HAVE to check this retail genius out! Choose your dress from hundreds of designs then pair it with fabulous jewelry. For under $100 you can rent an Alice by Temperley dress and you won’t have buyer’s remorse every time you look in the closet and see it hanging there without use. I have put an invitation on facebook for all my friends to get their account started. It’s FREE and you won’t believe the prices!

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