Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Sales

Yard sale season is upon us and I'm so excited! I LOVE yard sales and getting a great deal! I usually shop for shoes and clothes, but I have found the most beautiful vases, plates, and furniture for cheap!

Just because you are go through other people's stuff on their front lawn (it is a little hillbilly (: ) doesn't mean that you have to dress like you rolled out of bed. Dress like you're negotiating a business deal because in a sense you are!

It can be cold in the mornings, even in the summer so layering is key here. So I've paired a striped tee with a cardigan and jacket. The blazer adds a high end quality while the tee adds whimsy. You can always switch out the shorts for jeans and flats are in order for the day. Wear a cross body purse so your hands are free and don't forget cash!

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