Monday, May 2, 2011

It's T-Shirt Time!

Good morning…and what a good morning it is! Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American Troops during a courageous fire fight. Aren’t our troops amazing!? What bravery it takes to do what they did for our freedom!

On a completely different note :), we are going to be making the most of our closet this week. Do you wear the same outfit every weekend, have a favorite t-shirt that you want to wear to work, look back at pictures of yourself and realize that you are ALWAYS wearing jeans! Now is the time to change it up! You really can have a versatile wardrobe without having to buy a ton of clothes!
Today we’re going to tackle the t-shirt! Everyone has a favorite t-shirt in their closet that they wear at least once a week. Don’t be afraid to pair it with something other than jeans!

Of course jeans and a t-shirt is an American staple. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you still haven’t found your perfect pair of jeans I suggest going to several stores in the mall and trying on EVERY style! This can take a couple trips, but is definitely worth it! You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect pair. It’s kinda like when you found your wedding dress, it brings a tear to your eye and you can’t wait to show it off! I recently found my perfect pair of jeans at Kohl’s. LEVI’S makes a skinny flare that is amazing and not expensive. When you do find a great pair save the tag and take it with you when you shop for different washes. And ALWAYS wash your jeans inside out! This will keep the color pristine.

So how do you show off your favorite t-shirt when you go out at night? Pair your shirt with a mini skirt in a matching color and bright heels. If it’s chilly, wear a leather jacket or a blazer.

Going to work but want to wear your t-shirt? Pair your shirt with a great pair of black slacks and a cardigan in a matching color (you can also wear your black blazer). Black pumps or flats anchor the outfit.

I really love using this concept when traveling too! Bring one shirt and just switch up the bottoms. This will save suitcase space (to bring home souvenirs) and also save you from having to pay $50 or more in airport fees.

Old Navy cap sleeve top
$15 -

Old navy cardigan
$25 -

Old Navy mid rise pants
$26 -

Stripe skirt
22 GBP -

TopShop suede platform heels
$128 -

Converse checkered shoes
$27 -

Adidas bubble jewelry
$85 -

Silvertone jewelry
$50 -

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