Monday, May 16, 2011

Running Errands

Being the everyday average jane means having average clothing...right? NO! Getting ready in the morning should be exciting and fun! When you step out of your house you should feel beautiful and ready to conquer the world!

When buying clothes ask yourself "Do I LOVE this?" Not like, but LOVE!! If the answer is anything but "YES!" put it back and walk away. When you bring the item home try to incorporate it into your wardrobe immediately. If you don't you'll be tempted to go buy new items to pair with this piece.

Todays outfit of the day is one for everyday errand running. With a great pair of jeans, striped tee, classic trench, and fun flats you're ready to face the day! A crossbody bag with keep your hands free to shop and the flats are dressy enough to pair with cute sundresses on a warmer day.

Running Errands

Running Errands by Kim2 444 featuring flare jeans

H m coat
35 GBP -

Levi's flare jeans
$40 -

$10 -

Patent leather shoes
$18 -

Ecote crossbody bag
$20 -

2.50 GBP -

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